At QVARTZ, we are not looking for people to fill a role, but to be part of a unified team. Therefore, it is just as important for applicants to get to know us as it is for us to get to know them. Fiona Spindeldreier is one of our talented full-time consultants in Hamburg. Before joining QVARTZ, she participated in a full recruitment day, where she got the opportunity to meet potential new colleagues up close and demonstrate her skills in problem solving and analytical reasoning.

For our upcoming recruitment day in Hamburg, we are looking for more people like Fiona who want to help shape the future business of our clients and join us as full-time consultants. More specifically, we are looking for master’s students or recent graduates who:

  • Have a curious and creative mind combined with strong analytical skills
  • Are characterized by a high level of drive, and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Possess a solid balance of intellectual capabilities and excellent people skills
  • Have strong academic records and big hearts that beat for management consulting and for building our civilization
  • Are able to communicate fluently in German and English

At QVARTZ, we take great pride in developing and caring for people. We do not see ourselves as an organization, but as a collective. A civilization built on trust – in the people we work with, in their intentions, abilities and their worth as human beings. An important part of your role as Consultant will therefore be to contribute to developing the QVARTZ civilization and your colleagues.

Selected candidates will be invited to a personal interview. If you and QVARTZ both believe there is reason to continue the process, you will be invited to a full recruitment day on September 27, where it is just as important for you to get to know us as it is for us to get to know you. You will meet potential new colleagues and through both individual and group case exercises and partner interviews, you will experience some of the challenges that a management consultant faces. The recruitment day will take place at our office at Neuer Wall 40, 20354 Hamburg. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Windzio at