With the world growing consistently smaller, but also more complex, the need for an agile and flexible approach is bigger than ever before. QVARTZ Analytics teams up with world-class industry leaders to offer clients access to unique knowledge and insights.

QVARTZ Analytics is co-owner of 2021.AI, an artificial intelligence platform and service provider. The partnership with 2021.AI enables QVARTZ Analytics to help clients implement analytics models and algorithms without investing in expensive software. Moreover, it gives us the ability to efficiently put algorithms into production and maintain them for our clients to reduce investment need and time to impact. QVARTZ Analytics is using the 2021.AI platform for analytics projects across Denmark, Australia and the Philippines.


QVARTZ Analytics is a certified Microsoft analytics partner. We work together with Microsoft on creating business impact for our clients through combining our business and analytics insights and knowledge with Microsoft's different tools. Moreover, Microsoft has chosen QVARTZ as an exclusive digital transformation partner in the Nordics, and QVARTZ was named Digital Transformation Partner of the Year in 2017.


QVARTZ and QVARTZ Analytics are close partners with on front-end related situations for clients. QVARTZ Analytics specifically leverages the platform as an enabler for the analytics solutions and models being developed for many clients.


Through our partnership with IBM, QVARTZ Analytics offers clients access to state-of-the-art analytics tools within AI and data management to help accelerate the business. Using IBM's innovation and strength in many areas including AI, advanced analytics, cloud and security, businesses can be at the forefront in gaining business impact from new technologies to move ahead of lagging competitors.